An Incredibly Eye Popping Man-Claudio Pinto

Claudio Pinto
Claudio Pinto, 48, a Brazilian man can pop both of his eyes out 4 cm or 95% out. Pinto has been tested many times and doctors say that’s nothing wrong with his eyes. Pinto earns money from doing some shows that demonstrate his ability with the eyes. Pinto also said his eyes are a gift from God. "This is an easy way to make money. I can pop my eyes to 4 cm and this is a gift from God, I feel blessed."Pinto told to the media.

Pregnant Man - Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie-the pregnant man
Thomas Beatie, a former Hawaiian beauty queen, was born female and her parents named her Tracy LaGondino. But finally she decided to change gender through surgery, and then married Nancy (her co-worker). Beatie using male hormones, such as growers’ mustache and beard, and change the appearance like a masculine man. After their marriage, Nancy could not give baby because she was infertile. So, Beatie decided to use the uterus and ovaries to produce their own child by using sperm donor.

When Beatie announced the pregnancy, some controversy developed. The state of Oregon recognizes Beatie as a man, but this man pregnant. Even though many controversy, this couples live happy with their baby.